Benefits of Invoice Factoring Even During Recession

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The fear of recession looms large and it is better to be safe than sorry. The credit crunch is affecting the economy and difficult times are predicted ahead. Recessions are not the best things to happen, as you would find number of people losing their jobs, which in turn would affect families and businesses. 

But, if you take some precautions now,…

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About What We Do

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Click to invoice has been around in some shape or form for the past decade providing quick and easy ways for people to sort out there invoices without having the expense that is involved.

We are currently in the middle of a rebuild where we are planning a take over of the invoice scene. Keep checking…

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Purchase orders and Invoices

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Every business needs to follow proper procedures in its processes and to keep the records. The business needs to issue purchase orders to its customers for every intended purchase and follow the ethical steps required until the end of the transaction. Every step of the transaction has to be recorded in the appropriate book. 

This paper discusses how…

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